November 21, 2016


Watch Drake Lift Weights While Screaming Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood'

With rumors about love and/or musical collaborations between Drake and Taylor Swift swirling, both parties are easily playing the game. A while back, Drake had posted an Instagram of Taylor Swift, and on Sunday night, Swift promoted his new Apple Music ad, featuring one of her songs.

The ad has Drake in a home gym, struggling for work out motivation. When he selects Swift's 1989 cut "Bad Blood" from his Apple Music subscription, he proceeds to go crazy and lip-sync the whole thing. That is, until he gets to the bench press, which swiftly kicks his ass as he screams out some incomprehensible lyrics before going down.

Swift has been the face of the Apple Music campaign, flopping on treadmills and dancing around to The Darkness for the sake of promoting the streaming service.

In 2015, Swift wrote an open letter to Apple Music about it's "shocking" royalties policy, which didn't provide any funds to artists during the company's three-month trial period. That was quickly overturned, and, by some coincidence, Swift began her relationship with the mammoth, giving it access to her 1989 album, when no other streaming service did.

Drake has also maintained loyal to Apple Music, premiering most of his music through Apple — although not staying exclusive to them.

Watch one of our Drake Effect videos below: