November 14, 2016


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson on Running for President in 2020: 'I Wouldn't Rule It Out'

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Spike
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Spike

The 2016 election inspired a handful of people to write in votes for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and now the professional wrestler turned actor is responding to those wanting him to run in 2020.

"I wouldn't rule it out," the Clash of the Corps executive producer told Vanity Fair of his Oval Office ambitions at a press conference to promote Moana. "It would be a great opportunity to help people, so it’s possible. This past election shows that anything can happen."

Johnson isn't a total stranger to politics either. He spoke at the 2000 Republican National Convention and encouraged young people to vote regardless of party affiliation. Plus, he's responded to fans who want to see him running for public office, recently writing on Twitter that "maybe one day" he would consider. In June he shared that "the idea of one day becoming President to create real positive impact and global change is very alluring" on Instagram.

Now that Donald Trump has become the first president-elect without holding any prior political office, the door is wide open for anyone to run, so why not the world's highest paid actorThe Washington Post seems to think he'd win...

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