November 28, 2016


Ed Sheeran's Face Reportedly Slashed by Princess Beatrice's Sword

Kevin Winter/WireImage
Kevin Winter/WireImage

Why does Ed Sheeran always find himself in the strangest scenarios? His latest head-scratching incident occurred over the weekend, where the singer reportedly got sliced up British-style by—what else?—a freaking ceremonial sword! According to The Telegraph, Sheeran attended a party at the Royal Lodge in Windsor (the Duke of York's home).

Friend and fellow acoustic guitar aficionado James Blunt jokingly asked Princess Beatrice of York to knight him. Apparently her sword-lifting skills aren't too sharp because she accidentally slashed Sheeran's cheek while placing the sword on Blunt's shoulder.

While there are reports that the artist got stitches after the incident, neither he or Blunt have confirmed the bloody ordeal. But thanks to reliable fan accounts, there are photos floating of Sheeran rocking a mark on his cherub cheek. This definitely beats the time he received a honorary PhD from the University Campus Suffolk or when he was immortalized with a pig statue.

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