November 18, 2016


Stream Eminem's 1996 Track 'Infinite' for the First Time Ever & Watch a Making-Of Doc

Eminem's mythological debut album Infinite, released in a 500-copy run in 1996 when he was 24, is getting a bit of a new lease on life today with a remixed version of the title track. Listen to the very modern-sounding "Infinite (F.B.T. Remix)" above, available digitally in official form for the first time ever.

Once you're through with that blast to Em's past, check out a mini documentary about the recording of Infinite. According to its official summary, you'll find "never-before-seen footage of Marshall Mathers in his early years when he was doing open mic nights in Detroit and recording at the Bass Brothers studio":

Eminem came back in mid-October to drop the hyper-referential, mind-bogglingly rapped "Campaign Speech," telling fans on Twitter, "Don't worry I'm working on an album! Here's something meanwhile."

Watch an old school Fuse interview with Eminem and D12 next: