November 4, 2016


Eminem Jumps on Kxng Crooked's 'Welcome to Planet X': Listen

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Getty Images

No use in lying: Eminem's been right at the front of our brains since he showed up out of the blue with the brain-bruising "Campaign Speech." And fortunately he isn't retreating back into the Detroit depths for an extra-long time, already re-emerging to narrate the intro of Slaughterhouse member Kxng Crooked's new song "Welcome to Planet X."

"I live in a world...that's different than your world," Eminem says on the track, set for Nov. 11's Good vs. Evil album. "Your world still believes in things like free speech and democracy. Those things don't exist in my world anymore. Welcome to my world; welcome to Planet X, motherfucker." 

Crooked tells Billboard, which premiered the song:

"I love this record because it touches on topics like the destruction of the middle class, the plight of poor people and it has the presence of my superstar homie Eminem, which forces people to pay attention to the issues the song tackles. Thanks Em!”

Kxng Crooked adds that "Welcome to Planet X" introduces the album's concept, an alternate reality where "the lower class citizens use violence to fight back at all times. So if you're the governor of Michigan and the people of Flint blame you for its water crisis, they'll come for your head!"

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