November 28, 2016


Gerard Way & Steve Aoki Pair Up for 'Welcome to the Black Parade' Remix: Listen

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Getty Images

My Chemical Romance fans around the world vividly remember those bleak piano notes that opened "Welcome to the Black Parade." Ten years later, that nostalgic moment is given a modern spin thanks to Gerard Way and Steve Aoki's new remix. Stream it now:

MCR called upon the producer/DJ to update their 2006 hit for its 10th anniversary, transforming the lively emo jam into a buzzing electronic adventure. The kazoo-like synths, trap-inspired drums and wild bass drops take "Welcome to the Black Parade" from Warped Tour to Electric Daisy in just under four minutes.

The remix comes after Aoki's take on Blink-182's summer single, "Bored to Death." As for My Chemical Romance? Don't expect a comeback any time soon. Former member Ray Toro recently commented on the reunion rumors that floated over the summer. “I feel like that took everybody aback,” he said about the speculation. “I don’t think we realized how dramatic that teaser trailer was. We were just looking for a cool way to announce the 10th anniversary—and we were all just blown away by the reaction.”

While you reminisce on the good 'ol MCR days, read our tribute to The Black Parade and watch a 2004 Fuse interview where the group talks Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge: