November 7, 2016


'Ghost in the Shell' Teaser: See Scarlett Johansson in the Famous Thermoptic Suit

We've seen numerous all-too-brief glimpses of Ghost in the Shell, the upcoming Scarlett Johansson–starring adaptation of the popular manga tale. Today's, though only 13 seconds, is a big deal, those in the know will tell you.

Watch above to get the first glimpse at Major's thermoptic suit, which was used in the original story to make her appear nude—and invisible. IGN refers to it as "one of the most iconic scenes."

IGN also spoke to producer Avi Arad and learned that the thermoptic suit's function in the Ghost in the Shell movie is to show us ScarJo is "wearing a suit while also giving off the effect of her being nude." Arad explained further: "We’re not actually trying to pretend she’s naked. The suit emulates some of the ideas of the panel lines. When you see it the movie you’re not meant to think that that she’s naked." 

The first Ghost in the Shell trailer will arrive this Sunday, Nov. 13. The movie's not due till March 31, 2017.

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