December 2, 2016


Who Was the Internet's Boyfriend in 2016? Vote Now

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In January, New York mag's The Cut proclaimed that 2016 would be the year that Oscar Isaac would become the internet's boyfriend. After charming audiences in last Christmas' Star Wars: The Force Awakens, people on Tumblr, Twitter and beyond imagined holding hands with the actor and perhaps cuddling on the couch with him. 

So what exactly makes an internet boyfriend? According to The Cut, it's someone with an "aura of authenticity," someone in their 30s (as to appeal to multiple generations), someone vulnerable or somewhat flawed (yet so flawlessly handsome). Also, the internet's boyfriends are mostly actors.

But Isaac wasn't the only guy this year to be ogled. Have you seen a collective group of your friends obsessing over a particular celebrity? So have we, and that's why we are having you choose, once and for all, who was 2016's boyfriend. Click through to vote. 

#1Rami Malek

With Season 2 of Mr. Robot a success, people really began to pine for Rami Malek this year. And how could you not? His lovable late night interviews showed off his awkward side, and the news that he'll be starring in some new movies (including a role as Freddie Mercury), we all wanted to know more about him. To top things off, we all remembered that Malek's first role was in Gilmore Girls, every girlfriend's favorite show.

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