November 17, 2016


Like the 'Stranger Things' Theme? You'll Love J Motor's 'Jungle Daze (Luke Million Remix)': Premiere

Along with the realistic sci-fi premise and the oh-so-lovable cast, one of the best parts about Stranger Things was its '80s-tastic theme song that even got a co-sign from Wiz Khalifa. The dark and heavy synth sound prepared viewers for every intense episode, and those brilliant sonic elements are brought to the pop soundscape with a must-hear remix of J Motor's "Jungle Daze."

The Australian producer's rising hit gets a synthesizer-heavy rework thanks to Luke Million, who got viral attention after remixing the actual Stranger Things theme song. The quirky, electro-pop cut has been totally rewashed in a dazzling '80s makeover, and you can listen to it first on Fuse.

J Motor (née Jonathan Vassallo) told us more about why he digs the remix so much:

"I was—and still am—totally obsessed with Stranger Things when it dropped on Netflix and when I saw Luke's remix of the theme song I was blown away! It just so happened at that time, I was looking for the right person to remix 'Jungle Daze' so I reached out through my manager, and both Luke and his manager were really into 'Jungle Daze' so we were able to make it work. Luke’s an amazing/producer artist and I absolutely love what he's done with the track."

J Motor is currently in the studio and aiming to release new material at the top of 2017. In the meantime, check out the original "Jungle Daze" below:

Listen to Fuse's Back of the Class podcast dish their takes on Stranger Things at the 32:30-mark in the episode below: