November 23, 2016


Watch Jimmy Fallon Try to Coax 'Gilmore Girls' Actors into Revealing Last 4 Words

If you're a super-fan of Gilmore Girls, like many people are, you probably know that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino began the hit series with the last four words of the script already in mind. But when the show unexpectedly ended at season 7, they never got to use those four words.

Promoting the upcoming four mini-movie episodes airing on Netflix as A Year in the Life, the GG actors have been filming clips that hype up the last four words (check that out below). However, Jimmy Fallon tried to get Scott Patterson, Sean Gunn and Liza Weil to cough them up first.

When the stars visited The Tonight Show on Tuesday night, Patterson suggested that Sherman-Palladino end the series with "Drop the gun, Kirk," but it was rejected. Gunn (a.k.a. Kirk himself) said that he didn't actually know the last four words, but has a feeling they are "Kirk is your overlord." Probably right.

At the end of the convo, Fallon debuts a new clip from A Year in the Life. Watch it all, and then check out this handy PSA for not spoiling the anticipated "Last Four Words" for people who don't binge-watch as quickly as others.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life airs on Nov. 25 on Netflix.