November 11, 2016


John Legend's 'Love Me Now' Video Proves Love Trumps Hate in Orlando & North Dakota

When it's more important to show that love can power through hate, John Legend has released the video for "Love Me Now." It tells the love stories of people at the Domiz Refugee Camp in Northern Iraq, Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, Orlando after the Pulse Night Club shooting and North Dakota, where the Dakota Access Pipeline is tearing through sacred lands.

Legend's "Love Me Now" video showcases couples in love, with their children running happily, despite all the hatred they've endured and the aftermath of the attacks on them.

Chrissy Teigen and their baby daughter Luna appear in the video too, providing an even cuter glimpse at their family and the joy that comes from loving the one you're with, despite the tumultuous, scary world out there.

Watch our interview with the cute couple below: