November 7, 2016


Kiiara Strikes 'Gold' Live at West Hollywood's Troubadour

Erika Goldring/Getty Images
Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Kiiara, whose hypnotizing breakout single "Gold" has carved the 21-year-old her very own lane, took the stage of West Hollywood’s Troubadour on Friday night (Nov. 4), when she effortlessly commanded the small, iconic room. The space was filled with fans that embraced her quiet coolness and sang along to cuts off her low kii savage EP.

With long brown hair fluffed around her shoulders, the Illinois native explained the hours leading up to the show were plagued by broken phones and emotional breakdowns, confessing to the crowd their energy has changed the direction of her entire day. With closed eyes, she sang the opening to "Feels," a song depicting a young love that has made a sudden turn (the video for which dropped last week). She serenaded the room with lyrics that expose her edge through breathy notes that remain poised and almost unaware of their power. Her cool was unshaken even as she sang about heartbreak that feels undeniably real. There was an unspoken dialogue between Kiiara and her fans; they move with the same controlled wildness that she does.

She closed the show with radio breakout, "Gold," singing the song with a different sense of pride and excitement than her others. It became apparent that the hit single represents to her more than just a negligent lover; it has placed her in this sold-out room in West Hollywood with her fans fully connecting and singing along in agreement.

Watch former Fuse First artist Kiiara detail the creation of "Gold" in our exclusive interview below: