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It's been the big internet joke ever since Melania Trump announced her proposed First Lady anti-bullying campaign last week. How can you run an anti-bullying campaign when you're married to a meanie?

Now Lady Gaga is calling out Donald Trump's wife for pitting herself against cyber-bullying when the Republican presidential candidate's Twitter, rallies and interviews are rife with disses and accusations. Trump's Twitter is so repellent that The New York Times ran a spread on all the people who he's offended.

Gaga is a strong Hillary Clinton supporter (she performed at the Democratic National Convention and her current Twitter display name is #VoteHillary), so she spent Sunday tweeting various political blurbs, one of them is a jab at Mrs. Trump.

Gaga also tweeted a photo of her absentee ballot, along with a fairly fashionable sweater.

Melania Trump has yet to respond.

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