November 28, 2016


Lil Wayne Reveals 'Funeral' Project Is Coming Soon

Despite going through one of the rockiest years of his career, Lil Wayne is still passionate about creating new music. The artist announced his upcoming Funeral project during his appearance on The Nine Club skateboarding podcast. Around the 56-minute mark above, he says in an extremely grating voice: “Make sure they know that Funeral is coming soon. That’s my music. Get your roses ready."

"I don’t have a release date, but I have a whole bunch of good news coming soon. If you’re a Wayne fan, I know we’ve been going through a lot of tough times right now," Weezy continues. "But if you are a Wayne fan, we about to hold our heads high soon.” He also chats with host Chris Roberts about how he picked his skateboard in the first place, his favorite skateboarders and love for the Lakers.

Funeral will be Wayne's first project since 2015's Free Weezy, the album that came after the infamous $51 million lawsuit he filed against Birdman and Cash Money last January. Next up, listen to the Back of the Class podcast guys dive into Weezy's dismissal of Black Lives Matter at the 1:30 mark below: