November 16, 2016


Luke Cage Is Reportedly the Biggest Marvel Netflix Series of 2016


Nevermind the fact that Luke Cage initially made his live-action debut through Jessica Jones—everyone's favorite crime-fighting ex-con is apparently Netflix's biggest Marvel show of the year. 

Media data collection agency Symphony Advanced Media reports that Luke Cage is the biggest Marvel Television hit on the streaming service. While Netflix does not provide ratings or viewership for its original series, Symphony still estimates Luke Cage had a bigger opening than Making a Murderer and even Stranger Things. The company added that during the first 32 days after release, Luke Cage controlled 6.34 percent of video viewers aged 18-49 in an average minute. (Weird statistics, yes, but that's how Symphony tracks ratings for these types of shows.) 

Still, the company adds that Orange Is the New Black and Fuller House are still Netflix's most popular original series of 2016.

Still, the good numbers seems to indicate Luke Cage will come back for another season. Before that, the next Marvel-focused show to stream on Netflix will be Iron Fist, which debuts on March 17, 2017. 

Listen to a classic Back of the Class podcast episode where our hosts discuss Luke Cage and more below: