November 1, 2016


Watch 'Lost' Star Michael Emerson Share His Terrific Theory About the Ending

Mario Perez/ABC via Getty Images
Mario Perez/ABC via Getty Images

Lost ended six and a half years ago, but it still lives in the hearts (and on the shit-lists) of untold millions. Part of that's the six years and 121 episodes of pure mystery, nerdiness and character arcs. Part of it's just the ending.

At this past weekend's Walking Dead–oriented Walker Stalker Convention in Georgia, Michael Emerson put in an appearance to pull all the Lost theorists out of the woodwork once again. The actor, who played the nefarious Ben Linus, shared a very convincing, touching read on the series finale.

First off, he doesn't subscribe to the They Were Dead the Whole Timeeee!! theory. "The one thing I'm sure of on the show is that everything you saw happen on the island really happened," he says of seasons one through five. "All of that is real."

Then the Person of Interest alum gives the crowd a quick chance to turn back before he reveals his well-considered take. It centers around "mirror redeemers," a concept he's outlined a couple times in the past:

"The ending is way in the future. Years, centuries, millenia have past. We're in an antechamber to the hereafter, to eternity, if you will. And all the characters on the show have come here to celebrate the end of life. And they're all gonna pass through to a happy afterlife, just as in a Shakespeare, everybody goes two by two. It's couples. And that's because, I think, by the rules of Lost, you can only pass into heaven—if you want to call it that—with a mirror redeemer. With someone who has loved you without reservation, for yourself. And everybody had that, I think, except for Benjamin Linus. That's why he can't go. That's why he has to wait. He needs to find his mirror redeemer. This is what I would say." 

For some reason, there's no huge applause after that gorgeously eloquent breakdown. If we were there, there would've been a huge applause.

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