November 22, 2016


Trace the Evolution of Disney Princesses in One Hypnotic GIF


Moana Waialiki is about to become Walt Disney Pictures' first Polynesian princess. To celebrate, the Nicaragua-based ThunderBomb Surf Camp created a smooth GIF that takes us through the morphing history of Disney's princesses (a few of whom aren't even princesses, but we get the Disney shorthand by now).

Watch below as we morph through time via the visages of 1937's Snow White, 1950's Cinderella, '59's Sleeping Beauty, '89's Ariel, '91's Belle, '92's Jasmine, '95's Pocahontas, '98's Mulan, 2009's Tiana (The Princess and the Frog), 2010's Rapunzel (Tangled), '12's Merida (Brave), '13's Anna and Elsa (Frozen), this year's new TV heroine Elena of Avalor and, of course, Moana:

ThunderBomb made the Disney princesses GIF to honor the wavy connections between surfing and Moana, which means "ocean" in Hawaiian and Maori. (Or "that one famous porn star" in Italian.) The creators tells Fuse: 

"The GIF definitely shows how Disney has made a conscious effort to include some diversity, especially lately. Also interesting to see that the princess template in the beginning was pretty much just change the hair and eye color and you had a new character. We think going forward you're going to see more and more new types of 'princesses' emerge."

Moana hits theaters Wednesday, Nov. 23. Watch a latest trailer here, then listen to Fuse's new nostalgia podcast Besterday commemorate the 25th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast: