November 29, 2016


Teacher Adopts Student Like IRL 'Matilda' or Something

Remember at the end of Matilda when Miss Honey adopted Matilda and they lived happily ever after? 

In Phoenix, that story has become real. Except there's no Trunchbull in this tale.

A reading teacher named Jodi Kacz has a heart condition that prevented her from having children, but in 2014, she formed an undeniable bond with one of her students, Orlando. “I used to always tell my husband, ‘There’s a kid at school, and if I could adopt, I would adopt a kid just like him,'" Kacz told local TV station KGW8.

Unknown to her, Orlando was in the foster care system in America and had spent some time in orphanages in Mexico. Then, one day, a friend of Orlando's mentioned to Kacz that his pal was up for adoption.

And, just like in Matilda, there was a happy ending. Orlando, now 11, became part of the Kacz family on Nov. 19, National Adoption Day. "She is really loving and caring," Orlando told KGW8 about his new mom. "Like, she's really inspirational."

Now Orlando just has to get used to calling Mrs. Kacz "mom."

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