November 14, 2016


'Sailor Moon R: The Movie' Coming to U.S. Theaters for First Time

Do you remember the first time that you watched Sailor Moon R: The Movie as a kid? Well you'll have a chance to relive that moment soon, when an English version of the 1993 animated Japanese movie will premiere in U.S. theaters for the first time.

Viz Media announced the news during their “Moonlight Party” fan event, where they revealed the HD remastered film (with English dub and Japanese subtitles versions) is set for a Jan. 17, 2017 release. While the original movie premiered in the '90s, most American fans are familiar with the Sailor Moon R: The Movie – The Promise of the Rose edit from 2000.

The comeback news news follows Toyko's Sailor Moon–themed restaurant that was unveiled in April.

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