November 17, 2016


SHINee Stun With Shimmering Electro-Pop for 'Tell Me What to Do': Watch

SHINee brought back '90s boy-band nostalgia with their "1 of 1" single earlier this year, but their latest serves modern-day, electro-pop brilliance with "Tell Me What to Do."

The new single, which is the lead single off a repackage of the quintet's 1 of 1 album, boasts a subtle-yet-surging electronic production that backs the band's heartfelt croons as they look to their lover to advise on a bruised relationship. As expected, the guys are showing off some major vocal chops—particularly on the chorus with Jonghyun delivering chill-inducing belts—but it's all done in a way that one can easily sing along with, which has always been a major strong point in any SHINee single. Despite being released late into the year, the blend of melancholy and hope is helping "Tell Me What to Do" make a last-minute run to be named one of the best K-pop singles of 2016.

The accompanying video's color scheme pairs nicely with the song's vibe as the guys don muted colors among vibrant settings and backgrounds; the opposite of the "1 of 1" video with its bold clothes and white background. The video appears to showcase the members fighting over one girl with their realities offering different takes on various scenarios, perhaps as a metaphor to the many ways one can view and understand a relationship. Yet among all the different shots—that includes Taemin getting intimate with his love interest, Minho and said girl bursting into flames in a car, and Key driving in that car unharmed—the final shot showcases all the SHINee guys and their lady love posing together with the car.

"Tell Me What to Do" is one of five new tracks on the 1 of 1 repackaged album. Stream the new material, along with the album's original nine songs, below via Spotify:

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