November 29, 2016


'Star Wars' Won't Do a 'Rogue One' Sequel

Jonathan Olley/Lucasfilm via
Jonathan Olley/Lucasfilm via

We Star Wars–ers have been joking about the inevitability of confusingly-titled sequels to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. But it looks like Rogue One 2: A New Star Wars Story and Rogue Three: Rogue One 3 – One More Star Wars Story aren't going to happen, according to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and chief creative officer John Knoll. In the new Empire magazine (via Slashfilm), along with Kennedy's comment, Rogue One director Gareth Edwards said “that sequel will be directed by George Lucas."

As in, he already made the sequel. In 1977. It's called Episode IV: A New Hope. Because Rogue One is set—well, you either know by now or don't care.

Slashfilm reminds us that Kennedy previously told them the Star Wars standalone films—Rogue One is the first—“are not being designed to necessarily build new franchises,” and that they'll have “very definitely have a beginning, middle, and end.”

So, say Jyn Erso and/or members of her amazingly cast squad manage to live through Rogue One: can they still show up somewhere else in the cinematic universe, at least? Get the decades-later version of one of 'em into Episode VIII and we'll give you all our original trilogy lunchboxes, Lucasfilm.