November 15, 2016


Interactive 'Rogue One' 360 Video: Fly an X-Wing to a Fiery Death

Any chance you remember those early '90s Star Wars computer games X-Wing and TIE Fighter? Here's your chance to relive 'em with way better graphics and zero chance of not dying/being able to fire your weapons.

Rogue One: Recon is a 360 interactive experience that sets up the movie's fascination with the Death Star. As an anonymous X-wing pilot, you'll get to fly in hyperspace for a second and then right beneath a Star Destroyer. Also, again, you will explode.

"What starts as a routine mission for Mon Mothma takes a sharp turn as you stumble upon unexpected Imperial presence—and something they will do anything to keep hidden," reads the official description for the interactive experience from ILMxLAB.

Last week saw the arrival of even more new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story footage via an international trailer and TV spot. The film's here on Dec. 16.

Next, visit New York Comic Con 2016 with Fuse. The video is not interactive, but you also don't perish at the end: