November 1, 2016


Taylor Swift Borrows Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Outfit for Halloween

20th Century Fox, Getty Images
20th Century Fox, Getty Images

Taylor Swift has a lot of friends in Hollywood, so when she needs a costume for Halloween, she doesn't have to go far. The singer claims she called up Ryan Reynolds for her outfit this year, gaining access to the real Deadpool suit.

The singer hosted a get-together of mostly models on Monday night to celebrate the spooky holiday and friend Kennedy Raye's birthday. Her Instagram holds evidence of the night:

Gigi Hadid attended the small bash in a cub scout costume, while Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello went as a granny sitting on a cat. Lily Donaldson was a space cadet, Martha Hunt was a football player, Emmie Gundler was a black swan and Raye was a cat.

Swift is also friends with Blake Lively, which probably gave her some influence when it came time to ask Lively's husband Reynolds for her outfit. After seeing Swift's photo, Lively commented #HusbandUpgrade.

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