November 28, 2016


Watch Taylor Swift Sing 'The Little Mermaid' With Todrick Hall

Taylor Swift and Todrick Hall got cozy by the piano this weekend, busting out The Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World" with theatrical flair. Good pals can always bond of Disney classics, right?

Swift busted out a few chords while the Kinky Boots star waltzed around the room, taking lead on vocals. Todrick documented it all on his Instagram.

The two have become fast friends since 2015. After Hall posted a mash-up of Swift's songs on his famous YouTube channel, the new buds met on her 1989 World Tour.

This weekend, Swift went to go see him on Broadway, highly recommending Kinky Boots to her followers.

And, just to solidify their friendship, they spent Thanksgiving weekend together, doing the Mannequin Challenge on the beach.

Listen to the Besterday podcast reminisce about Taylor Swift's debut album for its 10th anniversary, below: