November 30, 2016


Some Jokesters Wes Anderson–Ified the Scariest Movie of the Year, 'The Witch'

Apparently that H&M ad directed by Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Grand Budapest Hotel) got some creative juices flowing. The smartypants at CineFix, you see, have mashed up The Witch with Anderson’s signature style.

How'd they make the horror darling of 2016, a subdued 17th century bleakfest, sparkle and shimmer with preciousness and verve? Completely brightened every shot, made energetic cuts, hit the music and juiced a bucket of LOLz. Very, very worth a watch. 

Listen to the Back of the Class podcast break down The Witch and their favorite horror movies way back in Episode 3, at the 11:40 mark: