November 2, 2016


VIXX Go Three-for-Three With Final Release of 2016: 'The Closer'

Halloween may have come and gone, but VIXX will keep the spirit alive with their latest release "The Closer," which, as the title indicates, closes the boy band's ambitious trilogy of releases for 2016.

While April's "Dynamite" showcased VIXX's lighter side and August's "Fantasy" was the guys getting more emotional than, "The Closer" once again showcases a new musical side for the sextet. Here, the guys bring a lounge-y, groove-pop sound on the chorus before sliding into the spastic, electronic chorus. By far, "The Closer" is the band's most polished 2016 single with the different genres, plus the movements from singing to rapping, smoothly flowing together. 

The guys are making a case to their love interest in the lyrics (which were co-written by member Ravi), making promises in order to bring her home for the night, hinting that 2016 will also mark a turning point in VIXX becoming more mature in their songwriting and material.

Meanwhile the cinematic, and at times haunting music video also showcases multiple sides of the band as they move from men stuck in time trying to land the girl to the dancing idol group with a dark side that their fans know and love them for.

In fact, fans can get even more VIXX with the band making the innovative move of releasing a "3D Hologram" video of their "The Closer" performance to see the group in a whole new different light.

"The Closer" is the lead single off VIXX's latest EP titled Kratos with the six-track set marking the final release in their ambitious, three-EP release schedule based around greek gods of Kratos (the god of strength), Hades (the god of the underworld) and Zelos (the god of rivalry). The mixture of these three fascinating ideas prove that as VIXX moves into their fifth year in the K-pop scene, there's loads of surprises still to be seen from the concept-driven boy band.

Stream Kratos on Spotify below: