November 22, 2016


'The Walking Dead' Fan Video Imagines Negan as the Star of a Hilarious Sitcom

The Walking Dead's Negan is an evil bastard—but he's got jokes. (Especially in the comic, where his F-word artistry gives us mind-boggling gems like, “Here I am, friendly as a fuckless fuck on free fuck day.”) Now a fan of AMC's TV adaptation has imagined what it'd be like if actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan's lines were received so gleefully that they necessitated a laugh track (via

Watch above for a highlight reel from Oh Negan!, the imaginary zom-com with "Easy Street" as its theme song. The canned laughter definitely came out of a restaurant kitchen–sized can.

In October, a week before The Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere, AMC renewed the show for an eighth year. 

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