December 20, 2016


The 13 Best Memes That Lived & Died in 2016

via Twitter
via Twitter

Why use words when you can use a meme?

This year was ripe with viral quips—most of them inexplicable in their rise to fame, but inescapable nonetheless. Harambe aside (sorry, you won't see our fallen primate on this list), Arthur the aardvark saw a resurgence online in 2016, along with Kermit the Frog (or Tea Lizard, depending on what you feel like calling him) and Mr. Krabs.

But why should I keep talking about memes? Just experience them yourself! Click through to see the most overused memes of 2016.

#1Arthur's fist

Whenever you were mad but didn't want to cause a scene, Arthur's clenched fist perfectly expressed how you were feeling.

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