December 29, 2016


'2016: The Movie' Horror Trailer Sums Up Just How Terrible the Year Was: Watch

There's no denying just how shitty this year was (save for these very few bright moments). So YouTube channel Friend Dog Studios had the brilliant idea to transform all the bad things we've been through into their 2016: The Movie trailer.

The parody horror film will legitimately freak you out, as it captures the biggest events that had the world thinking we were living in a nightmare for 12 months straight. There are references to Harambe's death, Samsung's exploding phone saga, the infinite celebrity deaths and even the head-scratching Brexit decision. To top it all off, the 2016 monster dons a Donald Trump mask. Eek!

As this terrible year wraps up, look back at all the things that should remain in 2016. And while you're at it, remininice on the bands who decided to call it quits this year.