December 15, 2016


Alessia Cara Holds Her Future Grammy in 'Seventeen' Video

Alessia Cara wishes that she could freeze time at 17, but we're watching her grow up even faster in her music video for "Seventeen."

Shot entirely on a city bus, we follow the formative years of young Alessia, from little girl to teenager to current Alessia. As the camera pans away and back, an updated shot shows a grown-up version of the singer, who's clutching onto a Grammy (ironic since she was just snubbed for Best New Artist).

AC, who was one of Fuse's Breakout Artists of 2016writes on Twitter that the Grammy placement is a way of setting her goals high. "it symbolizes my hopes for long-term success in my career. putting it out into the universe, in other words."

Caracciolo continues to grow older throughout the video, being played by different actors. Ever wanted to see what she looks like as a mom? This video provides that for ya.