December 21, 2016


Ariana Grande Goes Platinum Blonde in 'Faith' Video With Stevie Wonder

Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder have a jam session at the grand piano in their new video for "Faith," their song off the Sing soundtrack. It's funky. It's summery. It's filled with cartoons. It's just fun.

Style mavens may notice Grande's new look in the clip, which has her trying out a rooty platinum blonde look with a strategic wig. She also rocks some very un-Ariana overalls. 

Grande previously debuted a lighter look in her "Focus" video, where her hair transformed into a silvery white.

Aesthetic yumminess aside, you can't deny the legendary coupling going on in the clip. Wonder and Grande's vocals work really well together, and when they come together on screen, you can see a mutual respect between them.