December 12, 2016


BIGBANG Finally Release 'Made' Album With Career-Exemplifying 'Fxxk It' and 'Last Dance' Videos

It's been an album nearly a year-and-a-half in the making, but BIGBANG's full-length Made album is officially here with two new music videos that solidify the band's artistry and personality. 

The first new single's title, "Fxxk It," says it all, using a little vulgarity to brandish their grown side (after all, they've been together for 10 years). On the new track, which mirrors previous Made single "Bae Bae," the guys deliver bouncy, electro-hip-hop, detailing relationship nerves until finally deciding "Fxxk it, I just wanna get down." Composed by G-Dragon, BIGBANG's longtime producer Teddy and R.Tee, "Fxxk It" highlights the group's always-forward-thinking production along with their signature style of mixing heartfelt with tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Also notable is how comfortable the guys sound on the track, particularly as Taeyang nails the all-English opening, further proving their international appeal. No wonder the song is flying up the iTunes charts in America.

BIGBANG's other single, "Last Dance" (below), is an emotional punch, thanks to its powerful, pop production and subject matter. The track sees the guys singing (yes, even TOP sings throughout!) reflectively in the same evocative emotional style we heard on "Loser" or "Let's Not Fall in Love." But most notably, the track reads like a love letter, but it's probably more likely that BIGBANG is singing to their fans. "It won't be long," they sing, likely referring to the band members' inevitable enlistment in South Korea's mandatory two-year military service. And the moment we hear fan screams backing TOP during the final 30 seconds of the song essentially confirms that sentiment that their fans, their intensely passionate and loyal VIPs, are truly a part of BIGBANG's "Last Dance."

While we may not see the five-member BIGBANG for a moment, it's undeniable how much they gave fans before this ‘Last Dance.’

While the sentiment may be sad for fans, the group can leave on a hugely accomplished high note with a 11-track album with nine accompanying music videos created in less than two years time. While we may not see the full, five-member BIGBANG for a moment, it's undeniable how much they gave fans before this "Last Dance." That sentiment alone should at least somewhat console fans while they gear up for a tough waiting period.

While BIGBANG has held arena shows and sold a huge amount of singles since K-pop's international explosion in late 2012, the band hadn't released a full-length album until now. Made flew into the Top 5 of the U.S. iTunes Top Albums chart upon release and could give major competition to BTS—who currently have the highest-charting and best-selling K-pop album in the U.S.—when the Billboard charts are revealed. Preview the LP, including new song "Girlfriend," below.