December 21, 2016


Blink-182: 'California' Deluxe Edition Is 'Like a Whole Other Album'

C Flanigan/WireImage
C Flanigan/WireImage

No doubt, Blink-182 delivered with California—one of the most anticipated albums of 2016—and its upcoming deluxe version looks to be just as promising.

In a new interview with Billboard, the band gave more insight on what to expect for the release. "It's not a collection of throwaway songs," Mark Hoppus explained, going on: 

"It's like a whole other album and it’s more of an extension of what we did in the studio earlier. Some of the songs were songs that we did not put on the first album, but are great songs. And some are brand new that we just wrote last week, a lot of high-energy songs, punk rock, some more ballad-y songs, a little more electronic experimentation, it’s a good mix. It’s not a collection of throwaway songs, it’s like a whole other album."

The guys shared that producer John Feldman (who worked closely on California along with 5 Seconds of Summer and Andy Black) is in the mix, and shared a few new song titles. Travis Barker said that the songs "Wildfire," "Parking Lot" and "Misery" are "all so fucking strong." Hoppus described "Misery" and "Wildfire" as "pretty high-energy, anthemic, huge choruses."

There's no indication of when we'll get the deluxe version of California, but it does seem like it'll be worth the wait. While you wait, throw it back to a classic moment from Hoppus on Music.