December 7, 2016


Childish Gambino Calls 'Awaken, My Love!' a 'Sucker Punch' in New Interview: Listen

Childish Gambino released new album "Awaken, My Love!" last Friday, but don't think he's forgotten about the rest of his discography. In a new interview with Australian Triple J Breakfast hosts Matt and Alex, the artist states, "I like talking to my audience, I really do like seeing how they feel. If we're all feeling it, I have no problem playing some of my old stuff."

Describing the new record as a “sucker punch,” Donald Glover said that he wasn't expecting to try a different musical route and that it was just in the moment. Instead of the rap flows we've become used to, he ventured into the worlds of soul, funk and R&B. “I like sucker punches. I like being what you’re not expecting. The feeling of expecting water and getting lemonade. Your brain kind of flips," Gambino says.

He also discusses the virtual reality vinyl edition of the album, explaining that it was a way to bring his Pharos show experience to fans around the world, and also touched on the exciting Star Wars news. The multi-multi-hyphenate, who is playing the young Lando Calrissian in upcoming Han Solo origin movie, told the hosts:

"Was there any thought in not doing Star Wars? No. It came up and I really liked the franchise. I grew up with it. I think it deals with things that are happening now, and it felt like the right time. I just wanted to do it."

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