December 13, 2016


Ed Sheeran Posts Mysterious Tweet Alluding to New Music

Phil Walter/Getty Images
Phil Walter/Getty Images

Ed Sheeran has returned to social media, and he's getting all mysterious and blue. Literally. 

The acoustic maestro/tender crooner/rap-rocker promised fans last year that he was taking a break after the 2016 awards season to rest up for another album cycle. (He told Fuse that his decision was in part to watching Justin Bieber burn out after intense touring.)

But on Tuesday, he tweeted out a bright blue color and gave his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook a makeover, washing them over with the same color.

His last post was exactly a year ago:

Mysterious in nature, the cerulean symbolizes a new era for Sheeran, who has slathered his last two LPs with similarly bright hues: + was completely orange, while X suffered from that offensive neon green.

We haven't heard much from Sheeran this year, besides that time he took a sword to the face and had a pig statue erected in his honor, but a return to social media is huge for Teddy. 

Now, we just wait and see which mathematical sign he'll slap on his new album. Minus? Divide? Square root? Until then, watch our interview below, in which he explains why he went on a break in the first place.