December 29, 2016


Eminem's 'Stan' Lyrics Unite Potential Soulmates on Tinder

Ron Wolfson/WireImage
Ron Wolfson/WireImage

Rejection, our greatest fear. Eminem's "Stan," our finest song about it. Tinder, the place these things come together to make Reddit gold.

Yes, an internet fairy tale has arisen featuring a couple of single folks interacting via the iconic 2000 track's lyrics. While churlish scrubs have previously sent "Stan" verses upon getting Tinder-blanked, this time we're really on another level, thanks to an actually successful back and forth.

After receiving an expedient, on-point reply from his new crush ("Please don't be a jerk like some people, I don't like that crap / I'm really flattered you're writing to me on this silly app"), the guy couldn't help but answer, "That was brilliant!"

The full exchange:

Here's hoping these kindred spirits got those drinks, or at least that this is the first Tinder exchange to win a Grammy.

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