December 16, 2016


Fergie Parties with Baddie Winkle in 'Life Goes On' Video

You've heard "Fergie IS BACK!!" about a dozen times in the past 10 years, but with her most recent video, "Life Goes On," it seems like she's getting ready to stick around. The lead single for Double Dutchess, her first album in a decade, got the visual treatment on Friday with beachy vibes and one badass posse.

The clip has the Black Eyed Peas alum driving down the West Coast in a Ferrari (why not?) to let loose after one of life's rough patches. Along the way, she picks up style icon Baddie Winkle and a young dancer, and they throw their cares away.

Fergie told iHeart earlier this week:

"It was so great working with Chris Marrs because he had this amazing treatment. First off, we were in Paradise Cove in California. Just on the coastline. Being one with nature was a very natural feeling. [It] was very organic. I wanted it to be appreciative of all of that. Sometimes we don't just look at what a beautiful world we live in. Aside from all the madness that's going on, look at this gorgeous world that we're living in. To be grateful to live every day. There was that aspect of it. Chris Marrs has got this great comedic eye, comedic timing. He thought it was a great idea for me to have three generations of age. It's about life and life goes on."

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