December 5, 2016


Firefly Music Fest To Be Entirely Fan-Voted, Right Down to the Koozies

Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse
Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse

Firefly Music Festival has become entirely fan-voted, so that means you'll be able to choose the kinds of food you want, the bands you want and even the merch you want. The Dover, Delaware festival, which is one of Fuse's faves, announced on Monday that they will let fans be the planners.

In the coming months, there will be polls on the Firefly website, and Creative Programming Director Christiane Pheil told Consequence of Sound that there will be prizes if your suggestions actually make it to the festival grounds: “ticket incentives, an experience incentive onsite, [or] a ticket upgrade.”

Here's the intel CoS provides:

Fans will now be able to vote on things like merchandising options (do you want koozies or bandanas? What should the design be?), the theme of the famous pathway that connects the two halves of the festival grounds, and what kind of food should be available in the new Dessert Alley. It will even extend to the Wednesday pre-party, with options on entertainment (comedy? DJ? Tournaments?) and new intramural leagues (kickball? Softball?) all being decided upon by voters.

In the past, Firefly has let people vote on the festival's lineup, but in 2017, fans will have access to all aspects of the event. Pheil told Consequence of Sound about the cool bar options that they'll let people choose from:

“You can choose a ping-pong bar, a dueling piano bar, a multi-level container bar, or this really cool Globetrotter-style cocktail lounge," she said. "People will have those four options, and whatever option is voted on is the one that’s going to happen.”

The festival will take place June 15 to 18. Until then, check out all the stuff we found in their lost & found this year, and then read our review of The 1975's set there.