December 9, 2016


Listen to G-Eazy's Charged 'Vengeance On My Mind'

G-Eazy is unstoppable. Last month, the Oakland rapper released two tracks, "Bone Marrow" and "Still," and on Friday, he brought us "Vengeance on My Mind."

The furious track features unknown singer Dana, whose vocals are distorted through an aggressive filter: "I feel no pain / Vengeance on my mind / All night, all day."

The single art shows a boxer wrapping his hands in tape, perhaps gearing up for a big fight. That attitude is carried throughout the song, as G raps about overcoming hurdles and coming out on top. 

“Clear visions with my eyes closed / Where I want to take this to is where my mind goes / The road less traveled is the high roads / I’ve been knocked down, but every time, I rose.”

Watch an interview with G-Eazy below: