December 14, 2016


'Gotham City Sirens': 'Suicide Squad' Director to Helm Harley Quinn Movie

Warner Bros. via Suicide Squad on Twitter
Warner Bros. via Suicide Squad on Twitter

It's official! Suicide Squad director David Ayer will be returning to the DC comic villains world, as he is set to helm Gotham City Sirens, a movie that focuses on the major female villains in the DC universe. As we previously learned, Margot Robbie will not only be reprising her role as the wacky Harley Quinn, but she will also executive produce the film alongside Ayer. 

The Hollywood Reporter made the spinoff announcement back in May, long before Suicide Squad premiered, stating that it won't only focus on Harley but other DCEU “female heroes and villains." Geneva Robertson-Dworet (the forthcoming Sherlock Holmes 3 and Tomb Raider) is writing the screenplay.

Gotham City Sirens will be based on the comic book series written by Paul Dini, which features Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy. There is no scheduled release date for the movie just yet, but this could be Ayer's chance to make a big comeback from all those harsh Suicide Squad critiques.

If that wasn't enough DC news for you, THR also reports Warner Bros. is developing a Suicide Squad sequel and a spinoff movie for Deadshot, played by Will Smith. But for now, the focus is on Gotham City Sirens. For more superhero fun, flip through a roundup of our favorite comic book villains of all time. 

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