December 13, 2016


Joshua Jackson Shuts Down Your 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion Dreams

Classic TV show reunions are becoming the norm (just look at the Gilmore Girls and Fuller House's Netflix takeovers), but don't expect Dawson's Creek to return any time soon. Joshua Jackson, one of the teen drama's stars, stopped by Ellen to explain why the crew won't be planning a reunion.

Before pointing out that Michelle Williams' character was killed off at the end of the series, the actor joked, “The other thing is, it’s been a really long time. And I think for anyone who was actually a fan of Dawson’s, to actually see the four of us on camera again, might be a little bit shocking and heartbreaking.”

He continued, “We are not cute kids anymore. It’s been a long time. I mean, we’re holding up okay, but I think if you put the four of us now next to the four of us then, it might be a little shocking.”

Along with Jackson and Williams, James Van Der Beek and Katie Holmes also starred in Dawson's Creek, which aired from 1998-2003 on The WB. The "getting old" excuse shouldn't stop the crew from reuniting—we can still dream, right?

Dig deep into even more nostalgia with the latest episode of Fuse's Besterday podcast below: