December 2, 2016


Watch Kristen Stewart Give Zero F-cks in Rolling Stones' 'Ride 'Em Down' Music Video

Kristen Stewart doesn't care that civilization as we know it has ended. In the video for The Rolling Stones' "Ride 'Em Down," she provides little to no fucks as she loots a convenience store, helps herself to gasoline and cruises down empty streets in her blue Mustang GT

The song, an Eddie Taylor cover, is featured on The Rolling Stones' latest album, Blue & Lonesome, which took one day to record in London. The album dropped on Dec. 2.

In the video, Stewart plays a badass, lighting up while boogying down, and when she gets pulled over by a police car, she stops out of habit, only to nonchalantly brush the other survivor off.

Watch Fuse interview The Rolling Stones below: