December 13, 2016


Mac Miller & Ariana Grande Get Wet in 'My Favorite Part' Music Video

Today, real-life couple Mac Miller and Ariana Grande star as infatuated neighbors in the video for their "My Favorite Part" duet, off Miller's The Divine Feminine CD. Living out anyone's "next door" fantasy, they fall in love through a wall, singing to the thought of each other while, uh, the rain leaks from the ceiling and onto their dimly lit faces. 

Despite the fact that they desperately need to get a plumber in that building, the water element adds a touch depth. It symbolizes that they're carefree, letting their feelings wash over without resistance. They don't try to towel off, and, instead, Mac feels compelled to go out into the hallway and knock on her door.

But—spoilers—Ari already knows he was on his way, and she grabs his tattooed neck and pulls him inside her damp, perhaps moldy, apartment. The end.

Here's a throwback interview with Malcolm below: