December 1, 2016


Watch MGK & Camila Cabello Do a Lot of PG Hugging in 'Bad Things' Video

Ah, young love. Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello and Machine Gun Kelly play lovers in the new video for "Bad Things," and despite CC singing about doing "bad things" to him in the chorus, the connection between the two is pretty tame.

In a "We Found Love"-type reckless love story, Cabello and Kelly gallivant from empty parking lots to abandoned warehouses to late-night diners, snuggling and fighting the whole time. They're surrounded by their friends, who are interested in the same amount of raucousness as they are.

But something goes awry. The police start chasing them as if they're in some sort of Bonnie & Clyde tale, and the ending has the couple standing on the ledge of a roof, pondering about whether they should jump when the police reach the top of the stairs. Yeah. Bleak.

Watch the Hannah Lux Davis-directed clip above, and then check out our interview with MGK below: