December 20, 2016


Watch Nelly Furtado's Pensive 'Pipe Dreams' Video

Nelly Furtado takes a hazy adventure in her new "Pipe Dreams" video, which is filmed through a classic VHS lens. The fuzzy quality is reflective of the minimal song, where Furtado is seen singing it while creating her own wonderland in an empty house.

Watch above as the artist pensively looks at herself in the bathroom mirror and dances by herself in run-down rooms, while images of sunflowers, television static and children's poems appear on the screen. "Pipe Dreams" is the first taste of Nelly's forthcoming sixth album The Ride, which had its release date was pushed back from March 3 to March 31.

The singer revealed the artful album cover and tracklist on Instagram last week, which doesn't feature previously heard track "Islands of Me." The yellow flowers similar to the ones in the video could symbolize an ongoing theme in Nelly's new era.

Before The Ride's release, watch a 2012 Nelly talk about The Spirit Indestructible with Fuse: