December 28, 2016


New 'Dragon Ball Super' Teaser Features Danny Brown: Watch

We're mere days away from sequel series Dragon Ball Super hitting Adult Swim in English form, and a new teaser gets us hyped up with some Danny Brown. Watch above for a taste of what to expect starting Dec. 31. The track you'll hear underneath is "Ain't It Funny," off Brown's 2016 hip-hop fantasia Atrocity Exhibition.

Pitchfork says it's "a particular moment in the song that producer Paul White sampled from Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason’s 'Wervin’.'" The site also reminds us that the Detroit rapper has expressed his love for Dragon Ball before:

Brown has also worked with DB's new network home before, dropping the Adult Swim Single "Worth It" with Clams Casino in 2015.

For more Dragon Ball while you await Super, watch our collection of montage videos set to popular songs, and relive New York Comic Con 2016 with Fuse: