December 20, 2016


New 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Anime Series Coming to TV Soon


2016 was the year Pokémon came back into our lives; will 2017 be the year we let Yu-Gi-Oh! take over?

The new, sixth series for the classic anime—which Americans remember running on U.S. television from 2001 to 2006—is confirmed to premiere in spring of 2017. The as-yet-untitled new chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! will debut in Japan first.

There isn't a ton of information released about the new series, but we have been given a look at the main character of the series Yusaku Fujiki who, like past Yu-Gi-Oh! stars, gives us major hair envy but boasts a much more vibrant and playful color with his blue, pink and purple. See below from the anime's official Twitter:

Fans who have kept up with  Yu-Gi-Oh! through the years know that the current season, titled Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V which launched in 2014, is still in production so one can expect a short downtime for the brand in between series. 

While you wait to dive into the new series, you can get yourself reintroduced to Yu-Gi-Oh! with the upcoming  The Dark Side of Dimensions movie (hitting U.S. theaters on Jan. 27) or streaming the original, English-dubbed episodes on YouTube or Crunchyroll. For nostalgia's sake, watch Episode 1 of Season 1 below:

If you're still feeling nostalgic, listen to Fuse's new throwback-themed podcast Besterday below: