December 7, 2016


Nicki Minaj's New Song Is Nestled Inside Her Mobile Game: Listen

Nicki Minaj's The Empire game debuted last night, and her loyal fans have already found a hidden gem within the app. Upon downloading, you also get a new song, "Ain't Gone Do It."

The concept of the song is based off the two-year-old Vine phenomenon—"do it for the Vine, I ain't gon do it"—and despite the sad news that Vine will be ending soon, there are more references to the app in the track.

"Don't you see these on my feet / You can guess how much I paid," she sings on the chorus. "That's just shade / For these simple hoes trying to serve in my lane."

After Nicki's first verse, a crew of randoms take over the raps, and some are guessing that they're fans that Minaj invited on the track.

Check out a compilation of "Do it for the Vine" below:

And look! Here's Nicki Minaj in the Fuse studios: