December 13, 2016


Pink's Topless Pregnancy Photo With Daughter Willow Is Super Whimsical

Ummm...when did Pink start a lifestyle brand? Because the singer's latest photos look like they're straight out Blake Lively's blog. In Pink's newest Instagram, she's fully embracing pregnancy (and her chest) with her daughter Willow, complete will geode necklace and henna tatt. Beaded baubles adorn their manicured hands. Pink bows her head with a grateful, content smile, pieces of blond hair poking out from a lazy plait, probably braided by a woodland fairy.

It's everything you'd want from a pregnancy shoot: the eclectic gems, the candid grin, the sense of family. The earthy factor surpasses any Kardashian shoot, which I only bring up because Pink seemingly criticized Kim's naked selfie earlier this year, writing a note that said a woman's worth does not come from "using your tits and asses."

Pink announced her second pregnancy last month with an equally as bohemian photo, in which she wears a quirky top hat and a billowy prairie gown. She gazes in the colors of the wind with the wisdom of a mother, as she places a knowing hand on Willow. Art.