December 5, 2016


Shania Twain Talks First Album Since 2002, Writing in Her Bathroom

Terry Wyatt/WireImage
Terry Wyatt/WireImage

Shania Twain is writing all about "pain" for her upcoming fifth album, and in an interview with Billboard, the she reveals that most of her songwriting is done from her bathroom, basement or the beach. One song was written in a hotel closet.

"It’s a strange thing, but I do need that isolation," she told the mag about creating music at her home in the Bahamas. "I need to feel alone and intimate with my thoughts.”

Twain, who hasn't released a studio album since 2002, has been steadily performing since her Las Vegas residency in 2012 and last year's Rock This Country Tour. But songwriting is a necessity. “I need that more than I need to be a performer," she said. "Songwriting, for me, is kind of like cooking; everyone has to cook sometimes. Why not write songs?”

Billboard suggests that the upcoming album may dive into the fascinating love rhombus Twain endured in 2010, when she discovered her husband was having an affair with his secretary. Twain, in turn, befriended the secretary's husband, and in 2011, they were married (and still are). The LP is “kind of schizophrenic musically,” she told Billboard, and from the sounds of it, it's also therapeutic and transformative. 

“I talk a lot more about pain,” she said. "But I didn’t feel the need to be that literal about anger or hate. It’s very triumphant in the end. I felt like, ‘Whew! I made it through the album! I made it through writing all the songs!’ It was an emotional roller coaster, and the lyrics reflect that.”